Our Church Library

It might be said that our church has the  the "biggest little" library around.  With well over 1000 volumes, it's a busy place most Sundays as the avid readers among us check out the latest books.  

We will be featuring books from our library on this page, so you may want to check back periodically.

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The Inheritance & The Cottage, Michael Phillips- Books 1&2 in the “Secrets of the Shetlands” series. Phillips weaves a story which brings a young American heiress back, waay back, to her roots in a far away country. This well-known, prolific writer is very adept at writing Christian insight & teaching into his novels. Book 3 due out early summer.  

Counted with the Stars & Shadow of the Storm, Connilyn Cossette- This is a new author debuting with a series, “Out of Egypt”, the Exodus as seen through the eyes of an Egyptian slave girl who chooses to flee with the Hebrews as they make their way to the Promised Land. She finds herself reliant on a strange God, everything she has ever known gone & facing the harshness of the wilderness with people who are not her own… Sounds like a good summer read! Books 1&2 are here; Book 3 coming in a few months.