Harrison Gospel Chapel was accepted as a chartered member of the BC Conference of Mennonite Brethern Churches in 1968.

Mennonite Brethren have their roots in the Anabaptist-Mennonite movement of 16th-century Europe. Anabaptists regarded their confessional statements simply as a public testimony of what they believed, based on the Word of God.  

For the full text of "Our Confession of Faith" visit the BC MB Conference website by clicking  HERE.
Our Core Values
1.  We value spiritual salvation, growth, and maturity.
2.  We value God's Word.
3.  We value prayer.
4.  We value the church gathered.
5.  We value the church scattered.
6.  We value people.
7.  We value unity with diversity.
8.  We value the community of Harrison Hot  Springs.
 Our Purpose

We desire to glorify God by making more and mature followers of Jesus Christ in our church, our community, our contacts, our continent and beyond.
Our Mission

In our church family, using our spiritual gifts and personal resources, we help each oher mature as Christ's followers.  Then, as we live as maturing followers of Christ where we live, work and play, we will attract others from Harrison Hot Springs and beyond to also follow Christ in obedience. We also minister to those outside our geographical area by supporting (and, at times sending) missionaries in other regions, and welcoming tourists who come from elsewhere to Harrison.