Our Confession of Faith

Mennonite Brethren have their roots in the Anabaptist-Mennonite movement of 16th-century Europe. Anabaptists regarded their confessional statements simply as a public testimony of what they believed, based on the Word of God.  

 For the full text of "Our Confession of Faith", visit the CCMBC website.
Our Values

1.  God's Word Matters - We value God's truth as a foundation for our lives.  Therefore we give                       ourselves to preaching and teaching the scriptures and making disciples who clearly understand                 His Word and follow it.
2.  Prayer Matters - We value prayer.  We believe it is foundational to all ministry and spiritual growth.  
     It expresses our dependence on God and allows us to humbly follow His direction.
3.  Lasting Relationships Matter - We value loving one another just as Jesus did.  Life transformation           takes place through honoring, accepting and forgiving relationships.  Such relationships are a sign             that we are following Christ and will draw others to Him.
4.  Our Community Matters - We value our community and work to meet their physical, emotional, and         spiritual needs.
5.  Forgiveness/Reconciliation Matters - We value God's work of forgiveness and reconciliation.  We           yearn to see others experience this forgiveness and reconciliation and experience it with each other.
6.  Vision and Purpose Matters - We are passionate about Jesus.  As a result, we think through all that
     we do (including our traditions) to ensure our energies and talents are properly placed.
7.  Vulnerability Matters - We value the work Christ has done in our lives.  Therefor we share our                   stories and Christ's story so others can know Him.  This posture is at the heart of our witness
 Our Mission

​         Our mission is to love people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and give away 
               to the world what God has given us
Our Vision

We aim to be a passionate group of people who are deepening in our love of God while reaching out to others with His good News.  Filled with His transforming Spirit and captivated by His Love, we are inspired to tell others of  the good news of Jesus Christ and bring wanderers to Him.

It is our earnest desire that the people of Harrison Hot Springs and beyond will embrace Jesus and find Harrison Gospel Chapel to be their spiritual home - a place of hope and strength for the journey of life regardless of denomination, race, or culture.

Mission/Values/Vision - Congregational Conversations  2017