As a church family, we are so pleased to have Pastor Brian, Jessica, Oren, Ryleigh, and Beckett Cool among us - God is working out His plans for them and us! As you read their responses to several questions, we hope you will get to know and appreciate
them. Photograph is by  sharalee prang photography.

     ​I, Brian,  grew up on the Prairies (SK), spent my 20’s in Lethbridge, AB, where I met my wife Jessica at the church I was attending. I have fond memories of rural life, the invigorating scent of harvest time, and playing shinny hockey on an outdoor pond. And of course I love cheering for the SK Roughriders!

In a few words, would you describe your career path?
     Professional student and life learner. Since high school I’ve spent close to 10 years in post-secondary education. I’ve tried my hand at several occupations during and around my educational tenures, including construction, retail, car sales, carpet cleaning, and even a brief stint with the HRDC. A previous employer once told me, “Brian, you’ve been around the block.” Nothing captured my attention or heart like being a pastor.

Tell us about your call to Pastoral Ministry?
     It was a journey and process, like most things in life. Nothing out the ordinary, though over time I realized that being a pastor is something that I was gifted for, however passion and interest are strengthened by skill development. My time at ACTS-TWU (seminary) gave me some great tools. I felt the clearest call to being a pastor when I was called by God’s people at Harrison Gospel Chapel. Prior to this, I was working on faith in God’s leading that I would receive a specific call to ministry.

How would you describe your faith journey and your heart for ministry?
     I was a teenager when I made a commitment to Jesus Christ, following him as the Leader of my life. Through a church youth group I was learning that I could continue to experience love and grace through a very personal relationship with Christ. I’ve always had lots of questions and I felt a strong desire to find answers. Of course what happens is; answers lead to more questions. God is brilliant this way and he’s not surprised by our questions. The church can be a safe place to ask the toughest questions we got, appreciating there aren’t always easy answers. 
     As I read the Bible I see Jesus close to those who were searching and vulnerable – those who knew they were in need of a Saviour and Lord. They weren’t the people who we might expect. The way of Christ is full of paradox and often runs counter to the dominant culture. God’s ways aren’t natural to any of us, but I want them to become natural to us. It takes a lot of gentle reminding and practice. That’s why I like gathering on Sundays to worship and hear teaching from the Bible. That’s why it’s so important we encourage other believers and even those who don’t necessarily believe, that Jesus really cares about our lives and his ways are good.
     I want to be where Jesus is. I want my life to reflect a consistency, where my faith is being lived out every day, not just for a couple hours Sunday morning. Let’s live the way of Christ everyday and let’s live it together.

     I’m happily married to Jessica and together we have three young children. I can’t imagine life without them. My heart is full and I feel like I’m the richest guy in the world.  

We are in prayer for Brian and his family and we  look forward to when he will be able to return to pastoral ministry with renewed health and strength.