We look forward with  anticipation to the 20th annual visual art exhibit in conjunction with the Harrison Festival of the Arts in 2017. We aspire to be a key destination during the Festival for people who enjoy viewing visual art in a quiet, relaxed, and comfortable indoor environment. Our exhibit features a variety of local and area artists and artisans working with various media. As the exhibit host, Harrison Gospel Chapel encourages creative expression as it sees artistic inspiration a component of God’s creative spirit.
     All are welcome to attend our annual Faith and Art Sunday worship services during the exhibit week 2017 @ 10:30 am at the Harrison Gospel Chapel. These services will focus on the intersection of faith and art. The art exhibit will be open for viewing immediately following the services. 

HGC Art Exhibit 2017
​July  8 - 9 & July 14 - 16

“As an expression of the value we place on the village and community of Harrison Hot Springs, our purpose is to bring glory and honor to God through the artistic gifts and abilities that He has bestowed on many individuals by providing a venue, hosting, and welcoming individuals to exhibit their art in the church fellowship hall during the Harrison Festival of the Arts"

Special Notice

It is likely the annual HGC Art Exhibit program will be cancelled for 2018.  More details may follow.